Sunday, 27 October 2013

lets talk about the preparation!

so, as i have not yet begun my cammino.. i would like to talk to you all about my preparation ( or unpreparedness ) . .. the question i began with was.. how do u prepare for a journey of this kind? the last cammino i did was simple; i had support..from the point of view of directions.. guides.. my friends who have done it before..what to carry ..n what not to.. internet sites .. etc etc. but what i was proposing to myself.. was something .. that does not really fall in as a standard cammino.. it's a combination of many many cammino's and some paths.. which will just have to be discovered as i go along.. this is kind of the story of my life too!.. the beginnnings n z ends are kind of predefined.. in between.. there are these tracks .. with maps n guides n dogmas.. and X.. and Y.. but the real issue is ME!  i get overwhelmed by the situations, sometimes i am able to comprehend what's happening and most of the time i have no clue as to where n how things will end up ..!!

 that said.. i would like to divide the preparation phase in different parts.. geography, clothes and equipment, physical preparation and psychological and spiritual preparation. at any one point of time, before i start, i imagine that i would need to be sufficiently prepared in some of these.. and leave the rest to develop during the walk!

there are some things that add to the complexity of the walk.. the distance, my complete ignorance of doing such long treks in autonomy.. n the weather! this gives me a steep learning curve to begin with. my experience from the last cammino taught me that.. preparing for a cammino is good.. but the only thing that really helps is gentle faith! a deep faith in myself and the universe/ providence to provide me with what i need when i need it! and i guess, this journey of mine is to rediscover these believes!

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