Monday, 28 October 2013

From claudia rainville's book on metamedicine: how to stay in good health, how to stay better by christian tal schaller things that give you joy and the impression of using your life well
..let go of all the negative emotions that you can find within yourselves
..cultivate positive images in your mind
..give yourselves enthusiastic targets what you really want to do in your lives
..find ways to express your love yourselves and love others
..create relations that are happy, fun loving and full of love
..heal all the traumatic relationships of the past, above all those with your parents and with people ..who were special for you
..take the decision to dedicate yourself to health and happiness
..accept yourselves and accept all that comes in your lives as an occasion to grow and progress
..learn to draw whatever you can from every experience
..go ahead with a sense of humor!

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